One of Two

And this thing they tell us that we need
This counterpart essential to feel and be complete


It was then, the object of my dreams
It is now, not as simple as it seems


I have searched and found. But still I am lost

I've made my nest here, and yet I'm not at home
I am one of two now, but still I am alone


Obtaining your love is a full time job, and it's making me exhausted
Sweet swelling storm passed overhead, no way it could have lasted

The way we grew at first, your look was so intense
But now you've cracked me open, you hold me at arm’s length

Feathered Freak

My feet on your lap...then my head on your chest
Walls between us, a state of unrest

You rising and falling under my cheek
The mess that we made in the space of a week


Sparrow sweet, in fright takes flight
And misses out on warm delight
Birds are startled easily, by the clumsy swings of man
Yet still my thoughts remain entwined with your ever tightening hand


Thoughts of escape through my mind race, as the door was closing
feathered freak can't help but find, this human love imposing


Blurry thoughts of you, shift into focus as I wake
They follow me around, as I go about my day
Your name perched on my lips, tumbles into speech
In wakeful anxiety it's you that I seek
Yet you stand strong and cold against the tropic storm of my love
Oh but happy blur beneath me, you're warm to the touch!

It’s give and take but mostly give
A less dignified way to be and live
I opened up my arms, home and heart for the taking
I'm seeping through the cracks in the walls that you're making
I ask nothing of you, I'm without cunning or spite
So place your calloused hand in mine and give up the fight

A Collection of Parts

Flowers bud, and bloom and whither, and so I'm sure must I
Whatever lives and grows and is, must surely one day die


Earth to earth and ash to ash, I was nothing once before
And yet in me and roses not, I know there's something more


Could there be a secret part that cannot quite be known
An essence of my being, one day to drift alone