This site was founded by three students at the University of East Anglia in 2014.

The project is an artistic venture with the aim of creating a community of literary-minded contributors and readers. The website will be an outlet for both our creative talents and that of our community. We are not aiming to profit financially but to provide a platform for students in all their creative endeavours. The main motivation for all members of the team is a dedication to literature and maintaining an excellent service for those that read it and those that write it.

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Authors (A-Z):

Ben Emmens
Danielle Ball
Daniel Starkey
Eleanor Bird
Francesca Kritikos
Gboyega A Odubanjo
Hannah Galbraith
Henry Williams
Iain Hart
Isotta Reichenbach
Krishan Coupland
Jay Slayton-Joslin
Jay Stonestreet
Jenny Moroney
Julian Canlas
Lizzie Parsons
Magda Simoes-Brown
Maria Slade
Matthew Kind
Matt Rust
Max Saddleton
Nina Ward
Patrick Peel-Yates
Robert Nalyd
Roman Adrian
Sam Payne
Scott J Shepard